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The Awakening Center Service

9:00 AM

New Day Church Service

10:30 AM

Wednesday Evening

7:00-8:30 PM

What We Believe

Most people in our society have only been exposed to Christian teachings, tradition, and Jesus Christ Himself from a Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical perspective. At New Day Church, we approach Christianity a little differently. The christian religion did not just take root in the west, in the early centuries after Jesus it impacted the world. Eastern christianity understands the teachings differently. Cutting edge scholars state that Jesus was a mystic who came out of the Jewish and Middle Eastern mystical tradition. We are convinced that the early church was the heir of this tradition and that much of this tradition has been lost to the western church. This is very different than what is preached across America today. We seek to promote a broader more empowering and loving view of Christ and His followers, one that leads to a life of real relationship and union with God that heals and changes our lives in ways our experience in western christianity has failed to do.

Mystical Christianity:
The early church and the saints through out the ages were mystics like their founder Jesus. A true “mystic” is one who seeks to actualize union with God. The western or “latin tradition” approaches God from a predominantly legalistic point of view. God is preached primarily as a being who is fixated on right moral and ethical behavior. Therefore, God is judge and His workings with humanity centralize on the issue of how God deals with “sin” —wrong behavior. If one removes the presupposition that God is primarily a judge and man is primarily a “sinner” all the teachings in the Bible become fresh and speak to us differently. It becomes clear that God is Love. The Divine One doesn’t just exhibit love as one of many characteristics. God is love! As love God’s desire for each of us is the best possible existence. Jesus Christ Himself described the mission in this way, “that they may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).”

The focus of our church is how to receive and live abundant life in union with God while realizing our fullest potential as human beings who were made in the image of God.

We believe in One God who exists in three persons. This trinity has traditionally been referred to as Father, Son, and Spirit. In the early centuries when Christian doctrines were formulated out of patriarchal societies, they naturally took on a masculine emphasis. However, the Bible is full of feminine images of the Divine. The word for “Spirit” in the Hebrew text is always in the feminine. When the Bible speaks of humanity being made in the image of God, we see that image as being clearly male and female equally represented. Therefore, we choose to honor the Trinity but also equally honor the feminine aspects of our creator.

The Bible:
We believe the Bible is inspired by God and profitable for knowing who God is, who we are as human beings, and how we can relate in love and harmony with our fellow humans.

We do not believe that the “literal” interpretation always has the most value. Often, there are deep profound spiritual meanings encoded in the stories and historical accounts that are completely missed when one insists on the literal interpretation alone. We believe many christians today sadly and needlessly reject scientific findings due to their insistence on the literal interpretation alone. We also believe inconsistencies and contradictions in Scripture are completely ignored or blindly denied while modern ethical issues are too often and too easily resolved in a sort of lazy way by insisting all people everywhere adhere to the moral codes of an ancient society.

Jesus Christ:
We believe that Jesus was God manifested in the flesh to show us what God is really like and who we as human beings have the potential to become. We believe He was a historical figure, that His life, death, and resurrection were literal events recorded for us in the Bible. We believe in the “living Christ” who is seated as the Divine-Human person and pattern at the right hand of God. We seek to model Christ not just worship Him. We have regular encounters with Christ in the Spirit and know His love, healing, power, miracles, truth, and beauty from present experience and not just by history. By knowing the truth as it is revealed in Jesus freedom comes to our hearts and lives.

Western Christianity since the dark ages has taught that Jesus died primarily to appease His angry Father and provide a way of escape from eternal conscious torment in hell. These are all medieval ideas that are not necessarily found in Scripture and are completely foreign to the church around the world not influenced by western thought. The word atonement means “at-one- ment.” Jesus life death and resurrection accomplished an at-one-ment with God and each other with no need for appeasing a God who wasn’t wrathful but who is revealed as love. In the atonement Christ provided “salvation” by defeating evil forces, revealing the true nature of God as love, and accomplishing a means for us to experience for ourselves union or at-one-ment with God.

We believe that “sin” while revealed in evil and harmful behaviors is primarily a result of the loss of God-consciousness. We do not emphasize sin or right behavior. Instead, we emphasize raising our consciousness to unite with God whereby we become possessors of the “mind of Christ.” Our behaviors then reflect a transformed inner life that abides in faith hope love and peace. As we cooperate with God in the transformation of our consciousness, fear, despair, regret, shame, guilt, hurt, etc disappears from our lives and those energies no longer control our actions.

Jesus only speaks of “church” a couple of times in the Bible. The early believers called themselves followers of “the way.” Therefore we do not emphasize church membership nor do we believe the church is the broker of salvation to mankind or the singular place to find revelation of God. We are people who want to follow the Holy Spirit and realize our potential as sons and daughters of God. Our meetings, organization, ministries, and teachings are all a means to that end and not church as an end in and of itself.

Life after death:
We believe in eternal life; our souls will continue in existence forever. We believe that heaven and hell are experienced through out our lives here and can be carried on as an experience of the soul after death. Otherwise, we are not dogmatic. Truth is none of us have died so we don’t know what exactly the “after life” will be like. We trust that faith in Christ provides that we shall not perish but have ever lasting life. We look forward to a time in eternity when He will wipe away all our tears and there will be no more pain or suffering.

Holy Spirit:
We firmly believe in the modern ministry of the Holy Spirit to lead us, to transform our hearts, and to minister power in healing, spiritual gifts, prophecy, signs and wonders.